For the Variquest® Poster Maker 3600, 
Varitronics® & Fujifilm® Poster Printers 

30 different 
Poster Paper Colors 
to choose from!

Save from $25 to $35 per roll Vs. Varitronics® / Variquest™ Dealer pricing, 
with quantity discounts & free shipping!

For use with any of the 
poster printers & poster makers 
below and more!

Poster Maker Paper for the Variquest® Poster Maker 3600 Bright White Paper Co now offers paper for the Variquest Poster Maker 3600

Varitronics Fujilm ProImage XL 3000 poster printer, direct thermal printers

Fujifilm® ProImage® Xl 3000

Varitronics & Fujifilm poster printers, ProImage, ProImage PLus & XL poster printers
Varitronics® ProImage® & ProImage® Plus

Varitronics ProImage XL poster printer, direct thermal printers

Varitronics® ProImage® Xl 
Fujifilm ProImage 3000
Fujifilm®  Plus 3000

See our 5 newest colors below or watch the video 


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Poster Paper Pricing
Get pricing on 23", 29" & 36" wide rolls.  All rolls fit Variquest® Poster Maker 3600, Varitronics®, Fujifilm® poster printers & Chart Pro poster printer models.

Poster Printers
 Five different models to choose from Save on Refurbished Varitronics® &  FujiFilm® ProImage® Poster Makers -

Poster Maker Repair
on older & newer Varitronics®, Fujifilm® & Chart Pro Poster Printers. We offer maintenance, parts & support no matter where you are.

Cold Laminators
In 12", 25" & 42" widths.  The perfect laminator for your Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600, Varitronics® / Fujifilm® Poster Maker


See how a Varitronics® / Fujifilm® poster maker works  - Learn how to make a banner with your poster printer

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Get FREE Ground Shipping
 with the purchase of any 6 or more 23" rolls, mix or match colors throughout the Continental US

Black on Olive

Black on Tan

Black on Rust
Black on rust poster printer paper for Varitronics and Fujifilm poster printers
Black on Soft Plum

Black on Slate Blue

Black on Peach

Black on
Pastel Green
Black on Pastel Pink poster printer paper rolls
Black on
Pastel Pink
Black on Pastel Yellow poster printer paper rolls
Black on
 Pastel Yellow
Black on Pastel Blue poster printer paper rolls
Black on
 Pastel Blue

Black on
Pastel Purple

Black on
Black on Purple poster printer paper rolls
Black on
Black on Green poster printer paper rolls
Black on

Black on Maroon

Black on Neon blue poster printer paper
Black on 
 Neon Blue 

Black on Gold

Black on Neon Pink poster printer paper
Black on
 Neon Pink

Black on Neon Green

Black on
Neon Yellow 

Black on Orange

Black on Silver

Black on White poster printer paper rolls
Black on White

Blue on White poster printer paper rolls
Blue on  White 

Black on Red  

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These exclusive colors are being manufactured with our patented and patent pending process offering the highest quality imaging available.  Each roll offers vibrant, strong backgrounds with a deep rich black or blue image.  Most of these pictures unfortunately,  do not do justice showing off these colors.  Please select one of the links above for a better view.  For pricing please select the link in the box above.

For the Variquest™, Varitronics®, Fujifilm &
 MCSI / Minnesota Western Chart Pro Printers
including  - poster maker 3600, ProImage® Plus  3000 models , ProImage®, ProImage® Plus, ProImage ® XL PosterPrinters™, Poster Printer Plus, Fuji Pro 36 Color, Postapix & 2000P, Lanier 4100 &  other large format direct thermal poster printer models.

All our poster paper rolls are guaranteed 100%  

 You'll save a minimum of $25.00 as much as $30 per roll
on our Black on White,  Blue on White, Black on Pastel, Yellow, Pink & Blue Standard 23" rolls compared to typical Varitronics® dealer pricing. 

Why our poster paper prices are so much less?  
Bright White Paper Co is a manufacturer of  thermal poster paper supplying Varitronics® & Fujifilm® poster maker customers for over 10 years. Unlike dealers who have to purchase their product from Varitronics® and then mark it up, we manufacture our own rolls  and sold direct to you, our customer.   It took many years of research and development to create this selection.  In fact, this process is so unique, we have a patent.  And while Varitronics® has reduced its selection of thermal paper colors throughout the years,  we have continued to expand ours .  Our newest poster paper colors, Black on Slate Blue, Black on Soft Plum and Black on Rust are now available.   And we have more unique products coming all supporting our poster printer customers. colors in the works. 
 We've been in business since 1997 and ship our paper worldwide to business, military, government, education and everyone in between.   We offer same day shipping by UPS ground, overnight, 2nd day and third day service - your choice.  Your rolls gets to you when you need it.   Even on Saturdays. 

So when you have questions about products or even about your poster printer, feel free to call us at 800-321-5716.  

We are happy to work with all military, government agencies, schools and business.
 Never a minimum order.   We gladly accept American Express, Visa, & MasterCard & purchase orders with pre approval.
We ship worldwide.

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P.O. Box 2472
Palm City, Fl 34991
Fax 772-223-4040
International or local 772-223-5511

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